The chief Raoni
and Jean-Pierre Dutilleux

are honoraty presidents of the Virgin Forest Foundation (VFF)

Founded in 1989, the goal of the Virgin Forest Association is to raise awareness among the general public about the problem of threatened First People and to provide them with support to preserve their ancestral lands and their customs.

Virgin Forest was the first to organise an international awareness campaign on deforestation in the Amazon. The association has also provided numerous medical assistance missions to the reserves, contributed to the construction of villages and schools, strengthened cultural and linguistic protection, and financed assistance operations in Madagascar, Brazil, Ethiopia and Indonesia.                                             

Virgin Forests mission is to accelerate changes in individual and collective behaviour, to support environmental initiatives in France and abroad in order to initiate the ecological transition of our societies.                                                       

Several projects are being studied, especially among the Mikéa in Madagascar, the Moken in Burma, the Agtas in the Philippines ... Helping the First Peoples to live in the forest is protecting the balance of our entire planet!
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