Death of the great chief Aritana Yawalapiti

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of the great chief Aritana Yawalapiti, who was carried away last night by COVID-19.
Aritana, considered the great leader of the tribes of Upper Xingu, fought all his life to protect the people and lands of Xingu and preserve their ancestral cultures.

Raoni's wife is dead

Raoni's wife is dead

Virgin Forest association and all its members share Raoni's deep sorrow following the death of his wife Bekwyjka, who has always supported her husband's work and struggles to preserve the forests and the Indian peoples of the Amazon.

Coronavirus Pandemic in the Amazon Pandémie (EN)

Press release of the Association Foret Vierge (AFV) June, 24th, 2020

One drama follows another in the Xingu region following the Coronavirus pandemic.

The AFV regrets to announce the natural death of Bekwijka, the wife of cacique Raoni. She has left us, surrounded by her relatives in her village of Metuktire. Also deceased were cacique Maritawa Yawalapiti and cacique Payakan following the Covid 19 pandemic. We have conveyed our sincere condolences to the families concerned.