Press release of the Association Foret Vierge (AFV) June, 24th, 2020

One drama follows another in the Xingu region following the Coronavirus pandemic.

The AFV regrets to announce the natural death of Bekwijka, the wife of cacique Raoni. She has left us, surrounded by her relatives in her village of Metuktire. Also deceased were cacique Maritawa Yawalapiti and cacique Payakan following the Covid 19 pandemic. We have conveyed our sincere condolences to the families concerned.

During this particularly dramatic period, since April 2020, together with the AFV office and our correspondents in Brazil, we continue our efforts to support the Indians of Upper and Lower Xingu and are in daily contact with them.

The Raoni Institute and the Yawalapiti association have already received many important transfers from the AFV to meet their health and food needs in this time of crisis, thanks in particular to the partial reallocation of donations from the City of Paris and the Metropolis of Lyon.

The funds obtained, following the European and American campaigns of the AFV in 2019, for the protection of the Xingu Indian territories, the construction of surveillance posts, as well as several agroforestry projects, training, and construction of the Xingu Institute, are suspended until the reopening of the Indigenous Territories.

In the meantime, we are appealing for donations to continue our emergency humanitarian aid actions.

In the name of the AFV Board of Directors and our correspondents in Brazil, we thank you wholeheartedly for your loyalty and support to our association, which has been tirelessly fighting for the Indians of the Amazon since 1989.