Virgin Forest Association

The Virgin Forest Association (VFA) was founded in 1989 by two friends, Jean Pierre Dutilleux and Bernard Laine.  Their objectives with this association was to raise awareness among the general public about the problem of population of the Indians and to provide them with support to preserve their ancestral lands.

Photo : Patrick Mahé, Jean-Pierre Dutilleux, Raoni, Nathalie Gaillard et Bernard Laine

Chief Raoni, alongside the four successive presidents of VFA since 1989 (from left to right): Patrick Mahé, Jean-Pierre Dutilleux, Nathalie Gaillard and Bernard Laine.

Since 1989, the VFA has been organising an international awareness campaign on deforestation in the Amazon, the first of its kind.                                                                                            

The spokesperson of the indigenous peoples is then a leader of the Kayapo Indians, Raoni, already known to the general public thanks to the film "Raoni" by Jean-Pierre Dutilleux, selected at the Cannes Film Festival in 1977 and nominated for Oscars. The film is commented by Jacques Perrin in France and Marlon Brando in the USA.

During this highly publicised world tour, Raoni is accompanied by North American Indian leader Red Crow and English singer Sting Jean-Pierre Dutilleux rallied to the cause after taking him to the Amazonian field in 1987.