The virgin forests of the world are dying. The forest, but also the richness of its biodiversity, its indigenous people and their ancient cultures, the hope of finding new remedies for our diseases, and especially the health of the entire planet are threatened.

We, citizens of other nations, are not neutral and indifferent witnesses to this problem. We share the responsibility, and together we must find a solution to preserve forests and their peoples.          

Hundreds of indigenous people live in tropical forests. Most are in the process of extinction, fighting against the invaders who constantly enter their land to seize the riches found there (minerals, precious wood ..). They are also threatened by the loss of their cultural identities and ancestral knowledge.

Most of these tribes have only discovered our civilisation since the 1960s, others even more recently. These men do not want to lose their culture, their dignity and their land, the source of their existence and their survival.

If we do not act, they will disappear before the end of the 21st century.